Facts Logo 07-28-15

The Food And Climate Team Site (FACTS) is the newest phase of the No More Bull project, a unique initiative to stop climate change before it’s too late.  With support from Paul McCartney, a press release issued on 20 April 2015 launched the last phase of our work, and explained how we’d address the failure of UN conferences and other actions on climate change for more than 20 years, during which greenhouse gas emissions have risen by more than 60 percent.  This has caused many people either to disbelieve what’s said about climate change, or to give up hope.

So we’ve been working to give people fresh hope and inspiration from a unique case of environmental assessment, which involves both reducing emissions and drawing down atmospheric carbon.  Our case has been cited worldwide by many eminent entities, including the New York Times, Bill Gates, and a UN General Assembly report.  Links to those sources are on the Chomping Climate Change website, and those sources will serve as a foundation for FACTS.

We’ll make presentations to food industry leaders and solicit bids from them to be sponsors.  We’ll explore the possibility of developing contests to engage with the public, with prizes that could include meeting sport and rock stars.  To pay costs, we’ll perform crowdfunding as needed.  See more details on our webpages entitled Project Actions and Project Rationale, and see ongoing postings on our Facebook page.