Facts Logo - 07-27-15

This Food and Climate Team Site (FACTS) addresses the problem that climate change doesn’t respect borders, and it must therefore be addressed globally.  And since both food production and climate change are continuously evolving, we must continuously update our analysis of food production and climate change.  As a result, analysis and awareness-raising, multingually and multinationally, are the main areas of action for FACTS. 

FACTS will initially operate out of spaces in Washington, D.C. and New York City, to serve as a base for performing research, analysis, and writing, as well as for developing partnerships, public activities, and using social and other media.  Later, we aim to develop a fleet of mobile trucks/trailers to take on the road – first in the U.S. and Canada, and then all over the world. 

FACTS will solicit bids from food industry leaders to be sponsors, who’ll earn preferred status if they work to offer better alternatives to livestock products on an ongoing basis. We will provide product samples using our mobile fleet stationed in strategic parking places.  Contests will further raise awareness of FACTS, with prizes to include meeting sport and rock stars, for whom incentives will be devised to ensure their active participation. To achieve the unique aims of FACTS, the following activities are being planned:

  • launch of a crowdfunding campaign in early 2016 to fund development and dissemination of FACTS, including climate analysis and meal planning resources;
  • partnering with like-minded individuals and groups; and
  • if possible, a FACTS climate concert sometime during 2016.

See more details on our main No More Bull webpage and the page entitled Project Rationale and see ongoing postings on our Facebook page.