Chomping Climate Change addresses the failure of politicians for 20+ years to implement international policies on climate change.  Now most people don’t trust politicians on climate change.  But we provide unique, widely-cited analysis on how to address climate change through food and forestry.  A visual explanation is below in a two-minute video, whose launch was originally publicised by the Meat Free campaign founded by Paul McCartney with his daughters Stella and Mary.

The concept of Chomping Climate Change is based on environmental assessment performed by environmental specialists employed by the World Bank Group, which is the part of the United Nations system that’s focused on improving people’s lives through international development.

More information can be found by clicking on this section’s 3 sub-headings – “Vision,” “Get Involved” and “In Memoriam” – which can be viewed by hovering over “About” on the menu bar.  Other sections of this website provide information on Happier Meals, our new project under development;  Publications – both our own, and prominent sources that have cited our analysis – including Bill Gates, a UN General Assembly report, and The New York Times;  plus our Blog, a Donations page and a Contact page, and even more is on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Climate Change 2.0: Chomped if we want it! 

This video and additional information can be found on YouTube, and brief biographies are available of the cast of this video.