Nonprofit Organizations and Academia

Following is a sample of references to the work of Chomping Climate Change among nonprofit organizations and academia (n.b., this is a representative sample, and more sources can be seen via our Facebook page and our Twitter page):

  1. See “Livestock and Climate Change” in various universities’ syllabi; e.g., Columbia University and Brown University
  2. The World Bank’s external site cited Chomping Climate Change’s key source in a May 2011 posting by IFC Chief Climate Change Specialist Alan Miller
  3. A 2010 UNESCO report (p. 10) said this site’s key source explains “what may be a large-scale paradigm shift in… mitigating climate change”
  4. The Climate Institute published “Happier Meals” by Robert Goodland, critiquing a new FAO report that promotes more livestock production, in January 2014
  5. The Sierra Club, America’s oldest and largest environmental organization, has promoted the analysis on which Chomping Climate Change is based in The Sierra Club Typepad; in a Huffington Post column by the Sierra Club’s Lifestyle editor; and in an issue of the Sierra Club’s magazine
  6. Paul, Stella, and Mary McCartney’s Meat Free Monday Campaign published a piece by Robert Goodland, publicizing Chomping Climate Change in July 2012
  7. Paul, Stella and Mary McCartney’s Meat Free Monday Campaign launched Chomping Climate Change’s video in December 2011
  8. A Well Fed World has a full page devoted to “Livestock and Climate Change,” the Chomping Climate Change site’s key source
  9. The work of Chomping Climate Change is cited in a draft application for submission to the MacArthur Foundation’s 100&change competition (n.b., the red font in the application shows instructions from the MacArthur Foundation) and there is a related letter.

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