Project Rationale

No More Bull proposes that what is most needed to address climate change is inspiration for people to make better choices. So No More Bull is working to inspire people with music, reflecting a quote from a Rolling Stone writer: “There has never been anything in my world that music couldn’t fix or heal” We started with the launch of a music video along with the Chomping Climate Change website, host of No More Bull – and then we launched a new music video specifically for No More Bull.  See more actions planned under Project Actions.

Inspiration for people to make better choices can also be found in a projection by the International Energy Agency – a UN specialized agency – that greenhouse gas must be reduced significantly by 2020 or climate change is likely to become uncontrollable and catastrophic.  Fortunately, according to environmental specialists employed by two other UN specialized agencies (the World Bank and IFC), there’s a unique and pragmatic opportunity to stop climate change by replacing some of today’s livestock products with better alternatives.  In fact, No More Bull means better alternatives to livestock products!

No More Bull has long been advocated by activists promoting vegan and vegetarian diets.  Yet global consumption of livestock products has continued to increase twice as fast as human population.  Maybe that’s because most activists frame what’s needed as radical change in human culture, which normally takes at least a generation.  Yet we propose that when activists promote vegan or vegetarian diets, they appear to most people as radical as if McDonald’s were to promote a ‘meatarian’ diet.  Instead, McDonald’s prospers by promoting “Happy Meals” –  so it would be best to promote something more positive, such as “Happier Meals”.  This would frame climate-friendly foods as the better ones to choose any day of the week or year.  Framing the issues this way means that no radical change in human culture is needed.