1606913Flower Girl 2.0

“I find inspiration in each of my namesakes –- the prototypical Flower Girl featured in weddings, and the idealistic Flower Girl of the 1960s. Like the Flower Girl of weddings, I love how flowers set the tone for celebrating the advancement of humankind. Like the Flower Girl of the 1960s, I believe in the ability of people to improve their lives by bypassing the failures of governments and working in harmony with nature and with local communities.”


8530706Chomp Green Junior

“My friends and I have been learning in school and seeing in our communities that as we grow up, we’ll have to overcome the challenges of today while we also try to be more green. It’s not enough just to follow the old ideas of being a little bit green here and there. That hasn’t done nearly enough to address the worsening of our weather and our climate. It seems that if we Eat Greenfully every day, that will make a huge difference!”

1250487Mr. Scientific Expert

“Climate change threatens to become catastrophic within as few as five years, imperiling much of humanity. It’s estimated that the amount of renewable energy infrastructure needed to reverse climate change will cost $18 trillion and take at least 20 years to build. That’s too long and expensive! So while renewable energy must still be pursued, if there is a less expensive and faster option, then we ought to pursue it with vigor.”



  1. peabee November 23, 2017

    how exactly does reducing meat and dairy consumption (by 25%?) impact climate change within just next ten years- what’s the math?

  2. admin January 29, 2018

    Under the Kyoto Protocol, the objective has been to reduce GHG emissions by about 13% by 2020 (see With that in mind, if it’s true that — as our analysis says — livestock account for at least 51% of anthropogenic GHGs, then the Kyoto Protocol’s target might be met by replacing about 25% of today’s livestock products with alternatives.

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